Slot Machine Strategies That Actually Work

Slot Machine Strategies That Actually Work

The common mistake people make when playing slots is to think that everything is governed by luck. Thus, players go gung-ho and insert as many coins as possible, even the ones that they have already won.

Winning at slot machines are based on probability, and not luck. The difference lies in the numbers. Probability means that winning is mathematically attainable, that it is something that could be beaten given the right moves. Luck is something abstract, something that is out of one’s control.

With progressive slot machines, the probability of winning increases as you play more. A simplified explanation of this phenomenon is to say that progressive machines have a win-to-play ratio. For example, a machine could have a payout percentage of 10000:1. That means in 10000 games, you will surely win once.

But is not a sufficient strategy to play, play, and play in hopes of bagging a win. You would not want to go home empty handed; therefore, you need to conserve your money. This is easily attained by setting a win goal, and locking your winnings.

  1. Setting a Win Goal

To do this, you need to compute for 10%-50% of your current bankroll. This will serve as your win goal. The jackpot is not the only prize that the slot machine can give – there are numerous small pots which could easily be won. As you win these small pots, be sure to set them aside, and not use them for betting. Once you have accumulated winnings equivalent to your win goal, you can now re-bet any other small jackpots that you win.

This strategy will make sure that you bring home at least a percentage of your initial bankroll. Remember: if you lose your initial bankroll, do not be tempted to re-bet the amount that you have collected.

  1. Locking Your Winnings

Another way to maximize your bets at slots is to lock your winnings. Each time you win a small pot, set aside and lock 20%-50% of it. The remainder will be added to your bankroll, and be used in betting.

A win goal will give you a chance to bring home a higher amount of money, while locking your winnings will give you more chances to play. Both will make sure that you will not end up bankrupt.

And That’s It!

These are all the basic information that you need in order to play slot machines, and win effectively. You can practically survive on just this information alone, and even win some big pots with it. Always keep in mind: slot machines could be beaten, given the right strategy and discipline. Drop a coin, spin, and good luck!

Play Slot Machines Online

Play Slot Machines Online

Slot machines are perhaps one of the popular – if not the most popular – games in casinos. And this fame is no surprise, as the idea behind the game is so simple: you drop money into a slot (thus the name ‘slot machine’), pull a lever, and hope to line up three similar images for the win.

Because of the popularity of this game, numerous variations of the original concept have been made. The added features are there either to make the player feel more in control (e.g. slots with ‘stop’ buttons), or to provide higher probabilities of winning (e.g. multi-lined slots). However, the principle remains the same: drop a coin, spin, and win.

The game of slots is based on probability instead of pure strategy. This is what separates it from other popular gambling games like poker and blackjack. You don’t need to learn highfalutin mathematics or fancy card combinations in order to win. What you need to win in slots are two simple things – a sufficient bankroll, and enough discipline.

But before we venture any further, let us take a closer look at where this all started – and contemplate on where this game is heading – at the history of slot machines.

Enough History, Let’s Play!

If you are interested in playing slot machines, but do not know how, here’s a quick guide that you could follow:

  1. When playing at a casino, be sure to get hold of their member’s card. Most modern machines have slots in which you can insert this card. The machine stores information on the card as you play. If you have played enough games, the casino offers comps (complimentary), which can come in the form of a free meal, and even a free room at their luxurious hotel. If you lose big time, some casinos offer free credits so you can play more – and even regain your losses!
  2. Once you have everything settled, be sure to choose a slot machine variation which you are more comfortable playing on. The more popular ones are as follows:

Progressive Jackpot Fun88 Slots: This is the typical slot machine, in which you only need to insert money into the slot, spin, and hope to win. This is the most beginner friendly variation, as there is little to be modified. What’s more, because of its progressive nature, your chances of winning goes higher as you play more.

Multi-line Slots: This kind of slot machine offers various ways of winning. You can win in the typical way of lining up three similar images in the middle, but you can also win by lining up three similar images at the topmost line, bottom line, or even some diagonal and crisscross patterns. The probability of winning does go higher, but the amount that you need to bet also becomes more expensive.

Video Poker: This machine is a combination of poker and slots. The basic idea of this game is to make the most valuable poker hand and win. The player is given an initial five cards, and is given a chance to replace two or more of those cards. Most pro players prefer this machine, as the player is given more control of the outcome.

  1. After you have chosen which variation of slots you want to play on, you should now choose what denomination you are willing to bet. High roller slots go as expensive as $100 per roll. If you are new to slots, it would be best to start at nickel and dime machines.
  2. At the slot machine, you should see several buttons. Some of these are multiplier buttons, which will double or triple your winnings. There’s a catch though: the bigger the winnings that you are aiming for, the bigger the amount that you need to bet. For now, ignore the buttons. Simply insert your member’s club card, insert a coin, pull the lever (or in some instances, push the button), and wait for your winnings!
  3. Rinse and repeat. As a general rule, switching machines would not affect the result of your game in any way, except when you are playing in a progressive jackpot machine. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if you insert some slots strategy too.

Learn Keno Strategies That Work

Learn Keno Strategies That Work

The game of Keno is very much like a guessing game or a game of chance. As a result, there are very little strategies to help you increase your odds to win in Keno. This is because the winning numbers are chosen randomly.

Look for the best payout schedules

If you analyze the payout table, you will get an idea of the expected payback. The type of gaming software used decides the pay schedule in an online keno game.

Play the right number of spots

Next, you may think for how many Keno numbers to pick. Many Keno games allow you to pick 1 to 15 numbers. At times, you may also find some special types of Keno games that may allow you to pick more than 15 numbers. Remember that the numbers you choose do not affect the price of your bet.

The more you pick, the better are your chances to win. However, this does not mean that you have a good chance of winning simply because you may need to catch more of them before you win. For instance, if you choose a 6-spot, then in several casinos, you may not win anything unless three of them are drawn.

Usual players of Keno are likely to choose between 4 and 8 numbers. If you select less than 4 spots, then your payout schedules will not be worth enough. In such a condition, payouts are comparatively low and the house possesses huge advantage over you.

Next, if you choose more than 9 spots, then odds of all your numbers being picked are very low. If you play with a high number of spots, certain Keno casinos pay out, if none of your number comes up. Go for maximum spots, if you are a jackpot hunter.

Play several ‘ways’

You can also increase your odds to win from a set of numbers selected by betting on a range of ‘ways’. For example, if you select 8 numbers as an 8-spot, you may group them in two separate 4-spots. Now, you have 3 distinct bets on the same set of numbers you have selected.

Set a good bet level

How much to bet? This depends on several factors such as how much you can afford, how much a casino allows, and the details of payout schedule offered by the casino.

Select lucky numbers

Every player has a personal superstitious belief and favored ways to pick numbers in Keno. Try some of the below mentioned ways to pick your numbers:

  1. You can go with birthdates of family members or close relatives.
  2. Street address numbers or telephone numbers.
  3. A peculiar outline of numbers on the card.
  4. An intuitive feeling, simply close your eyes and see which number appears in your mind.

Statistically, it really may not make any difference in how you pick your keno numbers, but who knows, which one may turn golden? Also, remember that there is no strategic explanation for these methods, but they certainly are pleasurable and will not harm your odds of winning at all.

Learning the Keno Probabilities

Learning the Keno Probabilities

For understanding Keno probabilities, you need to understand the combinatory function thoroughly. For instance, in the game of Maryland lotto (Togel Online), a player selects 6 numbers out of 49 numbers. The lottery then draws 6 numbers out of 49, with no substitution.

In keno, you win a jackpot, if all six numbers match irrespective of the order. If you do not know that probability to win a game is 1 in 13,983,816, then it is better to analyze the combinational function before moving ahead.

Before the machine or casino draws the numbers, you pick 1 to 15 numbers. ‘Catch’ is a term in Keno referring to a number given to a player that was drawn and ‘miss’ is a term used for the player picked, who was not drawn. Finally, the player gets money according to the number of catches and picks made.

To start with, there are combination (80, 20) = 3,535,316,142,212,180,000 ways, by which a casino is able to draw 20 numbers out of 80. Several calculators do not support such huge calculations. Hence, to increase your probability to win, try to keep your calculations as short as possible.

1 Spot

Here, the player simply selects a single number from 1 to 80, after which the casino draws 20 numbers. If any one of these 20 numbers matches a player’s single number, then the player gets $3 for a $1 wager.

Overall, 20 might come as the winning tickets out of 80 numbers for you to pick. Hence, the probability of winning in 1 spot is 20/80 = ? and thus, expected return is ? x 3 = 75%.

2 Spot

Here, you need to use a combinatory function. You choose 2 numbers and the casino draws both these numbers for you to win. You will not receive any consolation price, if only one number matches.

The combination is (80, 2) = 3160 ways, by which you can draw 2 numbers from 80 numbers. Nevertheless, you need to draw 2 numbers from the casino’s 20 drawn numbers to win the bet. Therefore, there are only combination (20, 2) = 190 ways to draw 2 game deciding numbers.

Hence, the probability here for you to win is 190/3160 = 6.01%. A $1 winning ticket pays you $12 and the expected return is (190/3160) x $12 = 72.15%. Conversely, probability for your first pick to match with casino’s numbers is 20/80.

3 Spot

In 3 spot, there are (80, 3) = 82,160 ways for drawing 3 numbers out of 80. For catching all three, you need to choose 3 numbers from the casino’s 20 drawn numbers. Here, there are combination (20, 3) = 1140 ways. Hence, the probability to catch all 3 numbers is 1140/82160 = 1.39%.

You get a consolation prize, if you catch 2 out of 3 numbers. Suppose that the casino places 20 drawn numbers in a winning pot and remaining 60 numbers in a losing pot. Then, ways to catch 2 out of 3 is equal to the number of ways for drawing 2 numbers from the 20 in the winning pot, and the combination (20, 2) = 190.

In 3 spot for any bet, the expected return is the dot product over each possible event of the probability and the amount it pays.

4 Spot

In 4 spot ticket, the number of ways to catch all numbers is combination (20, 40) = 4845. Next, the ways to catch 3 missing 1 is a product of the number of ways for selecting 3 out of 20 and to choose 1 out of 60 or combination (20, 3) x 60 = 1140 x 60 = 68,400.

Next, the number of ways to catch 2 and miss 2 is a multiplication of the number to select 2 out of 20 winners and 2 out of 60 losers, or combination (20, 2) x combination (60, 2) = 190 x 1770 = 336,300.

At present, many people prefer to Play Keno due to the flexibility they get to customize their game to their personal penchants and budgets.

Finally, remember that price payouts vary from state to state and ultimately, from casino to casino. To play the game of Keno strategically, try to play in areas, where payouts are noteworthy. You can find details of such areas and casinos on the Internet or simply by checking the winning payouts at some of the Keno casinos in your area.

Play Keno Game Online

Play Keno Game Online

Keno is a distinctive and simple game similar to the game of local lottery. If you have some kind of experience of playing lotto, then it may not be that difficult for you to play Keno. Alike lotto and bingo, Keno is comparatively simple, easy to learn, and comes in a range of varieties. In the game of Keno, every player receives a ticket (the Keno board) with 80 numbers printed on it and the main objective is to predict around 20 numbers selected in every round.

Keno Game Basics and Rules

Precise rules of Keno vary for every casino, but the thought is normally the same. You have a choice of 80 numbers to select from the Keno play board. Here, you are able to pick 15 numbers, the house may draw 20, and if these numbers match, you win the game.

Start by picking 15 of the available numbers. Several casinos conducting the game of Keno offer ten-thousand times the amount of your stake, if all your 15 numbers match. Unfortunately, chances of winning such bets are very low.

Therefore, do not always try to hit all the numbers, since usually your money is refundable if you get five numbers correct. You get twice the money of bet if you receive six, and 150 times your bet if you hit ten numbers.

To play Keno, you need to fill out a Keno card and after that, put an “X” mark on all those numbers you wish to play with. Next, tick for how many games you wish to play in “number of games” box.

Next, in the “#Spots/Way Rate” space, fill in the numbers you have selected and handout the card to Keno writer, who will in turn give you a ticket with all your selected numbers inscribed on it.

A clever Keno player always selects fewer numbers, which raises the odds by leaps and bonds. If you pick eight out of eight, then you get 720 times your betted amount. A six numbers win will give you 75 times of your bet amount.

In the game of Keno, a player attempts to guess certain sum of numbers drawn from the 80 Keno numbers. The required sum of numbers varies from casino to casino. In addition, payoffs are also different for every agen sbobet casino. A simple rule is to select between one to ten numbers, since the more numbers you guess appropriately, the more you win.

Keno History

The introduction of Keno dates back to 200 BC by the Chinese military chief, Cheung Leung, who used this game as a funding resource for his flunking army. The city of Cheung was engaged in warfare, after which the city faced acute shortage of warfare supplies. Cheung Leung developed Keno in order to solve all its financial problems.

Historically, people used to refer to Keno as the White Pigeon Game, since pigeons from big cities conveyed the winning numbers to small villages. Chinese immigrants introduced the game of lottery ‘Keno’ in the United States in the 1800s. In those days, people played Keno with 120 numbers.

Ultimately, at the start of the 20th century, Keno experts substituted Chinese characters by numbers and the number of characters was reduced from 120 to 80. Lotteries were still unlawful in many parts of the United States. Hence, people played Chinese Lottery in American casinos with the name of Race Horse Keno.

To increase popularity of the game, casinos began creating the Keno Lounge, a distinct area with comfortable easy chairs. Gradually, the popularity of this game skyrocketed due to low amount bets involved in it. In addition, the tempo of the game also helped to increase its fame and today, in almost all casinos, the Keno Lounge is fully packed.

Some people prefer to play Keno at the Keno Lounge, as it offers a comparatively cheap way to bet along with some free drinks. In addition, several casinos offer video keno, which is somewhat similar to video poker. People play this game in a similar manner, with predetermined payouts.

At present, a usual game play of Keno in several American based casinos online as well as offline includes 80 numbers play. Several people rejoice playing Keno due to its relaxed nature and the fact that you do not require any special skills to play. You can indulge in such free online Keno games to get a taste of it with zero costs.

Regardless of the fact that chances of winning are direful, there is always a possibility that you may win a big game with a nominal investment.

Some Basic Craps Strategies

Some Basic Craps Strategies

  1. Start with the Passline and Come Bets

If you are new to online craps, it is always good to start with very basic bets. The passline and come bets are two of the bets that have a high probability of winning. Stick to this until you get the hang of playing.

  1. Venture Slowly into the Odds Bet and Other Multi-Roll Bets

There’s a good chance that you’ll get bored with betting on the passline and come bets only. If you’re itching to place your wager on some other place, do it where it has a good chance of winning. The odds bet make the passline and come bets more exciting, while retaining the conditions.

If you can’t stand the passline and come, try the other multi-roll bets. The don’t come and don’t pass bets are far better than any single-shooter proposition.

  1. Before Venturing into Single-Shooter Territory, Review Your Probabilities

Single-shooter bets are responsible for the bankruptcy of most online craps players. Single-shooter bets may be tempting because of the payout it offers (a 4:1 payout is very tempting), but the probability of winning is not very good.

Make these proposition bets only if you have studied your dice probabilities well. A combination of single shooter and multi-roll bets is sometimes effective, if you make the right moves.

  1. Don’t Fall for the Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is a belief that because something has not happened recently, it’s bound to happen soon. For example, if a 7 has not appeared in eight rolls now, you might be tempted to bet on any seven because the probability of it appearing has “run out.”

This is not true in any way. The probability of a number appearing resets each time a dice is rolled. So the probability of 7 appearing remains the same, no matter what the rolls were before it.

  1. Martingale, Iron Cross, and Party Hedge Does Not Work

These popular betting systems are not mathematically sound, and are often the cause of bankruptcy by misinformed players. Always remember, if a system were able to beat the house consistently, the game would not be stable anymore, and wouldn’t even be offered by casinos.

  1. The Best Online Craps Strategy: Manage Your Bankroll

As soon as craps is a game based on probability, expect to lose numerous times. You can easily profit if you make a system of managing your bankroll. For example, you can bet flat at the beginning, and slowly increase as you gain profit.

Also, it is important to be realistic with your goals. A 20% profit is good enough for you to walk away. Don’t even think about doubling your initial bankroll — that will only happen in very lucky days.

The best bet in craps would always be pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come coupled with an odds bet. It might be repetitive and boring, but just think that winning is not boring in any way. If you lose several times, don’t lose your cool and throw your money away in useless bets. Always maintain discipline, remember your dice probabilities, and manage your bankroll well. Soon enough, you’ll be an online craps hustler before you even know it.

A Simple View of Craps Probabilities

A Simple View of Craps Probabilities

The reason why craps is somehow better than slots is because it offers a space for the study of probability. The main medium of craps is dice, a favorite thing of mathematicians and logicians. But of course, you don’t need to have an astounding IQ to understand these probabilities!

What you need to remember is that there are 36 possible rolls in two six-sided dice. It is outlined in the chart below. Study this chart carefully and see how you can devise a perfect strategy in online craps.

If you notice, the most probable outcome of a dice is 7. Ring any bells? If you bet on the passline, you have 16.67% of winning instantly. And oh, you also win if the outcome is 11. That’s 16.67% + 5.56% = 22.23% of winning!

But isn’t 2, 3, and 12 losing numbers? Let’s see, that’s 2.78% + 5.56% + 2.78% = 11.12%. Look at that, your chances of winning are still greater than your chances of losing.

Notice again that the chances of winning and losing comprise exactly 1/3 of the potential outcome. That means 2/3 of the time, you’ll be faced with a point number.

Try to use this table to think about other probabilities. Are the proposition bets worth it? When is the don’t pass bet advantageous? You might find the answers in complicated guides, but discovering the solutions yourself is far more fun, plus you get to understand the game completely!