Slot Machine Strategies That Actually Work

Slot Machine Strategies That Actually Work

The common mistake people make when playing slots is to think that everything is governed by luck. Thus, players go gung-ho and insert as many coins as possible, even the ones that they have already won.

Winning at slot machines are based on probability, and not luck. The difference lies in the numbers. Probability means that winning is mathematically attainable, that it is something that could be beaten given the right moves. Luck is something abstract, something that is out of one’s control.

With progressive slot machines, the probability of winning increases as you play more. A simplified explanation of this phenomenon is to say that progressive machines have a win-to-play ratio. For example, a machine could have a payout percentage of 10000:1. That means in 10000 games, you will surely win once.

But is not a sufficient strategy to play, play, and play in hopes of bagging a win. You would not want to go home empty handed; therefore, you need to conserve your money. This is easily attained by setting a win goal, and locking your winnings.

  1. Setting a Win Goal

To do this, you need to compute for 10%-50% of your current bankroll. This will serve as your win goal. The jackpot is not the only prize that the slot machine can give – there are numerous small pots which could easily be won. As you win these small pots, be sure to set them aside, and not use them for betting. Once you have accumulated winnings equivalent to your win goal, you can now re-bet any other small jackpots that you win.

This strategy will make sure that you bring home at least a percentage of your initial bankroll. Remember: if you lose your initial bankroll, do not be tempted to re-bet the amount that you have collected.

  1. Locking Your Winnings

Another way to maximize your bets at slots is to lock your winnings. Each time you win a small pot, set aside and lock 20%-50% of it. The remainder will be added to your bankroll, and be used in betting.

A win goal will give you a chance to bring home a higher amount of money, while locking your winnings will give you more chances to play. Both will make sure that you will not end up bankrupt.

And That’s It!

These are all the basic information that you need in order to play slot machines, and win effectively. You can practically survive on just this information alone, and even win some big pots with it. Always keep in mind: slot machines could be beaten, given the right strategy and discipline. Drop a coin, spin, and good luck!

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