Learning the Keno Probabilities

Learning the Keno Probabilities

For understanding Keno probabilities, you need to understand the combinatory function thoroughly. For instance, in the game of Maryland lotto (Togel Online), a player selects 6 numbers out of 49 numbers. The lottery then draws 6 numbers out of 49, with no substitution.

In keno, you win a jackpot, if all six numbers match irrespective of the order. If you do not know that probability to win a game is 1 in 13,983,816, then it is better to analyze the combinational function before moving ahead.

Before the machine or casino draws the numbers, you pick 1 to 15 numbers. ‘Catch’ is a term in Keno referring to a number given to a player that was drawn and ‘miss’ is a term used for the player picked, who was not drawn. Finally, the player gets money according to the number of catches and picks made.

To start with, there are combination (80, 20) = 3,535,316,142,212,180,000 ways, by which a casino is able to draw 20 numbers out of 80. Several calculators do not support such huge calculations. Hence, to increase your probability to win, try to keep your calculations as short as possible.

1 Spot

Here, the player simply selects a single number from 1 to 80, after which the casino draws 20 numbers. If any one of these 20 numbers matches a player’s single number, then the player gets $3 for a $1 wager.

Overall, 20 might come as the winning tickets out of 80 numbers for you to pick. Hence, the probability of winning in 1 spot is 20/80 = ? and thus, expected return is ? x 3 = 75%.

2 Spot

Here, you need to use a combinatory function. You choose 2 numbers and the casino draws both these numbers for you to win. You will not receive any consolation price, if only one number matches.

The combination is (80, 2) = 3160 ways, by which you can draw 2 numbers from 80 numbers. Nevertheless, you need to draw 2 numbers from the casino’s 20 drawn numbers to win the bet. Therefore, there are only combination (20, 2) = 190 ways to draw 2 game deciding numbers.

Hence, the probability here for you to win is 190/3160 = 6.01%. A $1 winning ticket pays you $12 and the expected return is (190/3160) x $12 = 72.15%. Conversely, probability for your first pick to match with casino’s numbers is 20/80.

3 Spot

In 3 spot, there are (80, 3) = 82,160 ways for drawing 3 numbers out of 80. For catching all three, you need to choose 3 numbers from the casino’s 20 drawn numbers. Here, there are combination (20, 3) = 1140 ways. Hence, the probability to catch all 3 numbers is 1140/82160 = 1.39%.

You get a consolation prize, if you catch 2 out of 3 numbers. Suppose that the casino places 20 drawn numbers in a winning pot and remaining 60 numbers in a losing pot. Then, ways to catch 2 out of 3 is equal to the number of ways for drawing 2 numbers from the 20 in the winning pot, and the combination (20, 2) = 190.

In 3 spot for any bet, the expected return is the dot product over each possible event of the probability and the amount it pays.

4 Spot

In 4 spot ticket, the number of ways to catch all numbers is combination (20, 40) = 4845. Next, the ways to catch 3 missing 1 is a product of the number of ways for selecting 3 out of 20 and to choose 1 out of 60 or combination (20, 3) x 60 = 1140 x 60 = 68,400.

Next, the number of ways to catch 2 and miss 2 is a multiplication of the number to select 2 out of 20 winners and 2 out of 60 losers, or combination (20, 2) x combination (60, 2) = 190 x 1770 = 336,300.

At present, many people prefer to Play Keno due to the flexibility they get to customize their game to their personal penchants and budgets.

Finally, remember that price payouts vary from state to state and ultimately, from casino to casino. To play the game of Keno strategically, try to play in areas, where payouts are noteworthy. You can find details of such areas and casinos on the Internet or simply by checking the winning payouts at some of the Keno casinos in your area.

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