Learn Keno Strategies That Work

Learn Keno Strategies That Work

The game of Keno is very much like a guessing game or a game of chance. As a result, there are very little strategies to help you increase your odds to win in Keno. This is because the winning numbers are chosen randomly.

Look for the best payout schedules

If you analyze the payout table, you will get an idea of the expected payback. The type of gaming software used decides the pay schedule in an online keno game.

Play the right number of spots

Next, you may think for how many Keno numbers to pick. Many Keno games allow you to pick 1 to 15 numbers. At times, you may also find some special types of Keno games that may allow you to pick more than 15 numbers. Remember that the numbers you choose do not affect the price of your bet.

The more you pick, the better are your chances to win. However, this does not mean that you have a good chance of winning simply because you may need to catch more of them before you win. For instance, if you choose a 6-spot, then in several casinos, you may not win anything unless three of them are drawn.

Usual players of Keno are likely to choose between 4 and 8 numbers. If you select less than 4 spots, then your payout schedules will not be worth enough. In such a condition, payouts are comparatively low and the house possesses huge advantage over you.

Next, if you choose more than 9 spots, then odds of all your numbers being picked are very low. If you play with a high number of spots, certain Keno casinos pay out, if none of your number comes up. Go for maximum spots, if you are a jackpot hunter.

Play several ‘ways’

You can also increase your odds to win from a set of numbers selected by betting on a range of ‘ways’. For example, if you select 8 numbers as an 8-spot, you may group them in two separate 4-spots. Now, you have 3 distinct bets on the same set of numbers you have selected.

Set a good bet level

How much to bet? This depends on several factors such as how much you can afford, how much a casino allows, and the details of payout schedule offered by the casino.

Select lucky numbers

Every player has a personal superstitious belief and favored ways to pick numbers in Keno. Try some of the below mentioned ways to pick your numbers:

  1. You can go with birthdates of family members or close relatives.
  2. Street address numbers or telephone numbers.
  3. A peculiar outline of numbers on the card.
  4. An intuitive feeling, simply close your eyes and see which number appears in your mind.

Statistically, it really may not make any difference in how you pick your keno numbers, but who knows, which one may turn golden? Also, remember that there is no strategic explanation for these methods, but they certainly are pleasurable and will not harm your odds of winning at all.

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