Play Keno Game Online

Play Keno Game Online

Keno is a distinctive and simple game similar to the game of local lottery. If you have some kind of experience of playing lotto, then it may not be that difficult for you to play Keno. Alike lotto and bingo, Keno is comparatively simple, easy to learn, and comes in a range of varieties. In the game of Keno, every player receives a ticket (the Keno board) with 80 numbers printed on it and the main objective is to predict around 20 numbers selected in every round.

Keno Game Basics and Rules

Precise rules of Keno vary for every casino, but the thought is normally the same. You have a choice of 80 numbers to select from the Keno play board. Here, you are able to pick 15 numbers, the house may draw 20, and if these numbers match, you win the game.

Start by picking 15 of the available numbers. Several casinos conducting the game of Keno offer ten-thousand times the amount of your stake, if all your 15 numbers match. Unfortunately, chances of winning such bets are very low.

Therefore, do not always try to hit all the numbers, since usually your money is refundable if you get five numbers correct. You get twice the money of bet if you receive six, and 150 times your bet if you hit ten numbers.

To play Keno, you need to fill out a Keno card and after that, put an “X” mark on all those numbers you wish to play with. Next, tick for how many games you wish to play in “number of games” box.

Next, in the “#Spots/Way Rate” space, fill in the numbers you have selected and handout the card to Keno writer, who will in turn give you a ticket with all your selected numbers inscribed on it.

A clever Keno player always selects fewer numbers, which raises the odds by leaps and bonds. If you pick eight out of eight, then you get 720 times your betted amount. A six numbers win will give you 75 times of your bet amount.

In the game of Keno, a player attempts to guess certain sum of numbers drawn from the 80 Keno numbers. The required sum of numbers varies from casino to casino. In addition, payoffs are also different for every agen sbobet casino. A simple rule is to select between one to ten numbers, since the more numbers you guess appropriately, the more you win.

Keno History

The introduction of Keno dates back to 200 BC by the Chinese military chief, Cheung Leung, who used this game as a funding resource for his flunking army. The city of Cheung was engaged in warfare, after which the city faced acute shortage of warfare supplies. Cheung Leung developed Keno in order to solve all its financial problems.

Historically, people used to refer to Keno as the White Pigeon Game, since pigeons from big cities conveyed the winning numbers to small villages. Chinese immigrants introduced the game of lottery ‘Keno’ in the United States in the 1800s. In those days, people played Keno with 120 numbers.

Ultimately, at the start of the 20th century, Keno experts substituted Chinese characters by numbers and the number of characters was reduced from 120 to 80. Lotteries were still unlawful in many parts of the United States. Hence, people played Chinese Lottery in American casinos with the name of Race Horse Keno.

To increase popularity of the game, casinos began creating the Keno Lounge, a distinct area with comfortable easy chairs. Gradually, the popularity of this game skyrocketed due to low amount bets involved in it. In addition, the tempo of the game also helped to increase its fame and today, in almost all casinos, the Keno Lounge is fully packed.

Some people prefer to play Keno at the Keno Lounge, as it offers a comparatively cheap way to bet along with some free drinks. In addition, several casinos offer video keno, which is somewhat similar to video poker. People play this game in a similar manner, with predetermined payouts.

At present, a usual game play of Keno in several American based casinos online as well as offline includes 80 numbers play. Several people rejoice playing Keno due to its relaxed nature and the fact that you do not require any special skills to play. You can indulge in such free online Keno games to get a taste of it with zero costs.

Regardless of the fact that chances of winning are direful, there is always a possibility that you may win a big game with a nominal investment.

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