Play Slot Machines Online

Play Slot Machines Online

Slot machines are perhaps one of the popular – if not the most popular – games in casinos. And this fame is no surprise, as the idea behind the game is so simple: you drop money into a slot (thus the name ‘slot machine’), pull a lever, and hope to line up three similar images for the win.

Because of the popularity of this game, numerous variations of the original concept have been made. The added features are there either to make the player feel more in control (e.g. slots with ‘stop’ buttons), or to provide higher probabilities of winning (e.g. multi-lined slots). However, the principle remains the same: drop a coin, spin, and win.

The game of slots is based on probability instead of pure strategy. This is what separates it from other popular gambling games like poker and blackjack. You don’t need to learn highfalutin mathematics or fancy card combinations in order to win. What you need to win in slots are two simple things – a sufficient bankroll, and enough discipline.

But before we venture any further, let us take a closer look at where this all started – and contemplate on where this game is heading – at the history of slot machines.

Enough History, Let’s Play!

If you are interested in playing slot machines, but do not know how, here’s a quick guide that you could follow:

  1. When playing at a casino, be sure to get hold of their member’s card. Most modern machines have slots in which you can insert this card. The machine stores information on the card as you play. If you have played enough games, the casino offers comps (complimentary), which can come in the form of a free meal, and even a free room at their luxurious hotel. If you lose big time, some casinos offer free credits so you can play more – and even regain your losses!
  2. Once you have everything settled, be sure to choose a slot machine variation which you are more comfortable playing on. The more popular ones are as follows:

Progressive Jackpot Fun88 Slots: This is the typical slot machine, in which you only need to insert money into the slot, spin, and hope to win. This is the most beginner friendly variation, as there is little to be modified. What’s more, because of its progressive nature, your chances of winning goes higher as you play more.

Multi-line Slots: This kind of slot machine offers various ways of winning. You can win in the typical way of lining up three similar images in the middle, but you can also win by lining up three similar images at the topmost line, bottom line, or even some diagonal and crisscross patterns. The probability of winning does go higher, but the amount that you need to bet also becomes more expensive.

Video Poker: This machine is a combination of poker and slots. The basic idea of this game is to make the most valuable poker hand and win. The player is given an initial five cards, and is given a chance to replace two or more of those cards. Most pro players prefer this machine, as the player is given more control of the outcome.

  1. After you have chosen which variation of slots you want to play on, you should now choose what denomination you are willing to bet. High roller slots go as expensive as $100 per roll. If you are new to slots, it would be best to start at nickel and dime machines.
  2. At the slot machine, you should see several buttons. Some of these are multiplier buttons, which will double or triple your winnings. There’s a catch though: the bigger the winnings that you are aiming for, the bigger the amount that you need to bet. For now, ignore the buttons. Simply insert your member’s club card, insert a coin, pull the lever (or in some instances, push the button), and wait for your winnings!
  3. Rinse and repeat. As a general rule, switching machines would not affect the result of your game in any way, except when you are playing in a progressive jackpot machine. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if you insert some slots strategy too.

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